“The key to finance is educating yourself on how money can work for you.”

  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Life Insurance Licence
  • Mutual Fund Licence

Shannon, is the heart of Belay. She showed Dahlin the importance of a cohesive financial plan, and how it was the best choice for the clients she cared so much about. It was this care and deep sense of compassion which drove her to find new ways to help them – including obtaining her Certified Financial Planning designation.

For 26 years Shannon has been living out her passion through helping people get their finances in healthy working order. Though her credentials play a large part in doing this, her true strength lies in getting to know her clients and finding the remedy which suits each one, reaping the benefits a less personal approach cannot.

It’s not just short-term help, either. Shannon is all about teaching people – young and old – how to best manage their money so they can maintain their financial stability. By helping families become financially successful, Shannon hopes to create lasting change which they can pass on to future generations.

When not helping people reach their financial goals, Shannon enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and helping at her local church.