“We want to be the primary resource for people seeking to maximize their wealth and ensure them long-term financial security.”

  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Chartered Professional Accountant
  • Management Degree
  • Life Insurance Licence
  • Mutual Fund Licence

Dahlin is the technical mind behind Belay. His ability to see the big picture has shepherded the company to the heights it has, pushing the boundaries of the financial sector, and ultimately, creating an ideal business model to the benefit of everyone involved.

With no divide between financial planning and accounting in his mind, Dahlin saw how the combination of both could benefit everyone. Through a long, tedious process, Dahlin eventually obtained licenses to run both an accounting firm & a financial planning firm – the first of its kind in Canada.

Since 2011, Dahlin has been perfecting the holistic financial planning approach, and has built these bones into Belay. He’s excited about Belay’s unique ability to offer clients and advisors access to this cutting-edge business model, creating a win-win-win situation

When not working, Dahlin enjoys spending quality adventure time with his wife and three young boys water skiing, rock climbing, and helping out at their local church.